Synthetic Biology-Based BioChip for Real-Time Microbiome Biomarker Detection

sensor We are developing an innovative biosensor based on genetically-engineered bacteria, to enable sensitive and real-time detection of a variety of physiological biomarkers. The sensors will be integrated within a novel electronics system, with wireless communication. Detecting microbiome signals is a major application for this technology. By incorporating synthetic bacteria together with advanced electronics and wireless communication, the technology will provide sensitive, real-time data on the microbiome, enabling real time diagnosis and monitoring of disease, such as inflammatory bowel disease, as well as therapy. The sensor can also allow a wide range of non-invasive sensing of markers for metabolic activity, stress, and illicit drugs. This challenging research is a quantum leap in engineering and biotechnology, combining sensing capabilities with intelligent chemical and electrical feedback in vivo. It will set the stage for smart implanted devices.

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